Small-flowered willowherb forte New

Small-flowered willowherb forte
60 tablets

Small-flowered willowherb forte contains extracts from the plant of small-flowered willowherb and saw palmetto that support normal functioning of the prostate and urinary tract. Small-flowered willowherb helps to maintain mobility and flexibility of the joints and also helps to protect cells from oxidative damage. It supports physical well-being and may help alleviate symptoms of menopause. Saw palmetto extract supports natural hair growth.

Recommended intake
2 tablets per day


IngredientsContent per 1 tabletContent of 2 tablets

Small-flowered willowherb extract

Obtained from dried small-flowered willowherb 

170 mg

680 mg

340 mg

1360 mg

Saw palmetto extract

Obtained from dried saw palmetto

100 mg

500 mg

200 mg

1000 mg