Common Nettle Leaf

Common Nettle Leaf
  • Strengthens the nails, hair and bones
  • Has a positive effect on vitality
  • Supports blood circulation

Common Nettle Leaf strengthens the nails, hair and bones. They have positive impact on vitality and body rejuvenation and supports the immune system. The common nettle extract supports excretion of water through the kidneys and normal functioning of urinary tract. Common nettle supports the cardiovascular health and helps reduce fatigue and the feeling of heavy legs. Common nettle extract supports the osteoarticular system and increases the mobility and elasticity of joints, muscles and tendons.

Recommended intake
1 tablet three times a day, before or during a meal


 IngredientsContent per 1 tablet:
Common nettle leaf extract expressed as equivalent of dried common nettle leaves900 mg
Common nettle leaf extract content150 mg