Gastromin Fast New

Gastromin Fast
30 capsules
  • Frequent bloating
  • Abdominal tension
  • Feeling of fullness 

Gastromin Fast is a dietary supplement in capsules designed for persons complaining about frequent bloating, feeling of fullness after a meal and belching. The unique composition of herb extracts promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system and intestines. Artichoke extract supports the production of digestive juices, the functioning of the liver and bile ducts. Fennel extract provides relief in flatulence while aniseed extract promotes digestive comfort and helps fight the feeling of fullness. Lemon balm has a beneficial effect on the health of the digestive system and intestines, helps with belching and nervous tension of the stomach and intestines.

Recommended intake

1 capsule once a day



Content per 1 capsule


100 mg

Fennel extract

obtained from dried fennel

45 mg

675 mg

Lemon balm extract

Obtained from dried lemon balm

10 mg

70 mg

Artichoke extract

Obtained from dried artichoke

10 mg

60 mg

Aniseed extract

Obtained from dried aniseed

20 mg

80 mg