Be Slim FAST New

Be Slim FAST
  • Supports body mass reduction
  • Helps burn fat tissue

BE SLIM FAST is a complex dietary supplement in the form of tablets, intended for adults looking for support in achieving the correct weight.. The preparation includes a unique combination of plant extracts from: green coffee, bitter orange, green tea, common nettle, cayenne pepper and coffee, as well as Citroxin™ - a combination of extracts from grapefruit, bitter orange and guarana. Weight loss and control is supported by: green tea, bitter orange, capsaicin and guarana. Metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates is supported by: capsaicin, bitter orange and green tea. Capsaicin supports also the burning of calories. Green tea facilitates appetite control and maintaining normal blood glucose level. Common nettle extract supports excretion of water through kidneys and the functioning of urinary tract and bladder. The green coffee extract included in the preparation contains 50% of chlorogenic acid.

1 tablet twice a day
CITROXIN™, including:
Bitter orange extract, containing 6% synephrine
Grapefruit extract
Guarana extract, including 22% caffeine
expressed as equivalent of dried guarana
75 mg
35 mg
25 mg
15 mg
135 mg
Green coffee extract,
including 50% chlorogenic acid
expressed as equivalent of green coffee
15 mg
150 mg
DER green tea leaves extract 5:1,
including 45% polyphenols
expressed as equivalent of dried green tea leaf
175 mg
875 mg
Coffee extract (95% CAFFEINE, 125 mg)132 mg
Cayenne pepper extract, including 8% capsaicin40 mg
Common nettle leaf extract
expressed as equivalent of dried common nettle leaf
228 mg
1368 mg

* NRV - Nutrient Reference Value