New visual identity of Colfarm

28 april 2016
The culmination of a several month long collaboration with the Cztery Czwarte advertising agency from Warsaw is the implemented design of the new visual identity of COLFARM Pharmaceutical Works.
New visual identity of Colfarm

This change is one of the main elements that reflect the multithreaded process of dynamic growth of our enterprise which manages to achieve increasingly stronger market position with every passing year.

Visual identity is one of the main tools used to create the company image in the market space. Its main role is to make the enterprise stand out among other competing brands and therefore what is extremely important is the coherence and clarity of the whole system. The main elements of visual identity system include the logotype which is its very basis.

The new COLFARM logo refers to the hitherto colour scheme, but it reinforces it and refreshes it distinctly by means of modern writing style and strongly visualized signet.